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Cosmic Castaways and Galactic Strays or Queer Firefly

When a salvage job goes awry, the crew of the Who Wants to Know - a ragtag found family scraping by on their battered spaceship - take on a sketchy job from a shadowy contact. It’s their only hope of saving their vessel from receivership.

On a lawless pirate asteroid, these down-on-their-luck misfits must navigate threats from all sides - cutthroat underground mech battles, ruthless space cowboys and violent marauders. Their mission: secretively recover stolen artifacts for an anonymous patron offering an impossible payday.

As mechanic Sierra guilts her way back into the asteroid’s brutal mech battle arena to earn credits, she uncovers clues about who betrayed them. Each crew member holds a piece of the puzzle to solve the job’s mysterious origins and escape the asteroid alive.

Befriended by an sentient grizzly bear accountant and a sparkly manic-pixie dream-girl hacker, Sierra leads her found family in a race to finish the dangerous mission before sinister forces expose them. To succeed, she must leverage everything she knows about the asteroid’s criminal element from her hardscrabble upbringing. And confront the real enemies closing in..