April Newsletter

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Last month, I received the edits from my developmental editor and it was a lot, in a good way. Editing is often rewriting, especially with big plot changes. I'm now pushing through the last quarter of my manuscript. I was making so many changes, I threw up my hands and deleted the last few chapters for a full rewrite...yay.

My goal is to finish this month and send it out to the line editor. I'll be ecstatic and relieved when this is done, and I can work on the romance I started while I was waiting for the developmental edits.

My dad and I decided to review science fiction books together for a fun time. We both love reading scifi and giving our unsolicited opinions, so it seems like the best way to combine these two dubious talents. We laughed a little too much at the title of InReading with the Family. We talked about August Kitko and the Mecha's from Space by Alex White.

InReading with the Family - August Kitko and the Mechas from Space by Alex White
Rae and father Nelly discuss August Kitko and the Mechas from Space by Alex White.We talk about some major themes like AI and depression, covering the unique…

Once again, I've attempted to put together a list of diverse, speculative fiction reads released in April. This includes BIPOC and queer authors. Check them out and see if any strike your fancy!

April New Diverse Reads
New, diverse speculative fiction reads coming out in April.

March was a hit and miss month for romances, but Outdrawn by Deanna Grey saved me from a month of mediocre romance novels.

Outdrawn by Deanna Grey
Outdrawn saved me from a month of mediocre romance novels.

I finally got my hands on Mornings in Jenin by Susan Abulhawa, and it was more heartbreakingly beautiful than I expected.

Mornings in Jenin
Mornings in Jenin is a multigenerational, literary fiction novel that at times reads like a biography.

I hope you have the day you deserve,

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